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Incorrigible since 1990.

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Goodness gracious! How old-fashioned we are! We like forming long-lasting relationships and having personal contact with our customers. And whilst we don’t doubt that machines are wonderful, we also know that they don’t work for everything. For instance, they just don’t have that special feel for language. That’s why only experts have been working on your texts at WIENERS+WIENERS for over 20 years.


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One thing that we value more than an impressive list of clients is absolute discretion. We therefore behave like gentlemen – we don’t kiss and tell, so we enjoy the complete confidence of our customers. But we can perhaps reveal this much: amongst our regular, satisfied customers are not only the majority of the leading German marketing agencies, but also countless large corporations from the worlds of industry and economics, as well as over 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. Please excuse our bragging.



The five most common words in the German language are ‘der’, ‘die’, ‘und’, ‘in’ and ‘den’.


There are about 155 million people around the world who speak German.


The Sanskrit language originated in 1200 BC. In Sanskrit, the word ‘war’ means ‘desire for more cows’.


The word ‘goddessship’ is the only word in the English language that contains the same letter three times in a row.


October 2014

Ahrensburg, October 2014


Ahrensburg, 13 October 2014. The north German language services provider WIENERS+WIENERS GmbH has become a member of the Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e. V. (DDV – ‘German dialogue marketing association’). With 730 member organisations, the DDV is the largest national association of businesses from the dialogue marketing branch in Europe. For over 65 years, the DDV has represented the interests of both the service providers and the advertising companies in dialogue marketing.

For almost 25 years, WIENERS+WIENERS has been successfully working in the field of translation and proofreading together with leading German advertising agencies and a multitude of companies from the business and industrial sectors. Along the way, the company has developed into one of the leading language services providers in Germany and, according to the Common Sense Advisory’s research ‘The Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2014’, ranks among the 100 largest language service providers worldwide.

‘Our success is based not only on our technical know-how, but also on a direct marketing approach which focuses on a dialogue with current and potential customers, allowing us to care for existing customer relationships and continue to build new ones. We want to share and discuss our acquired dialogue marketing skills with other DDV members. Due to our many years of experience dealing with national and international customer companies, we believe that we can make an essential contribution to the development of shared standards for effective, economical customer service, and to the positioning of dialogue marketing from the user’s perspective. The DDV offers us a convenient platform for this, as well as for a cross-sector exchange of experience with new business contacts,’ explains Andreas Witschel, account manager at WIENERS+WIENERS GmbH.

The use of the DDV logo on business documents and online media identifies WIENERS+WIENERS as an official member of the DDV.

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