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Callback or Contact

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Jobs and applications

People who don’t love language or abhor errors have no business here. Such people make us all the more delighted with those who do, because we are always on the lookout for exceptional, qualified professionals for translation, adaptation and proofreading. If you think you fit the bill and would like to work with us, please fill out our application form. And by the way, we’ll ask you to complete a little test prior to welcoming you to the team.

Not a top translator or proofreader but would still like to work for and with us? Brilliant idea! Then why not have a look around the site to see where we’re currently looking for a helping hand?

Customer consultant

Customer consultant

Are you a service-minded pedant who has realised that making customers happy is the best foundation for a flourishing business? And does Team Player happen to be your middle name? If so, we’d welcome you to our customer service team with open arms.

Download text
Proofreader/translator (German to English)

Proofreader/translator (German to English)

Are you a native English speaker who speaks fluent German – and a perfectionist to boot? A grammar geek at heart blessed with a pair of eagle eyes? Then you’ll feel right at home in our English department. Apply today!

Download text
German–English translator

German–English translator

If your heart beats for two languages – and those two languages are English and German – then you are clearly someone after our own heart, and we would love to hear from you!

Download text To the application form 
English–German translator

English–German translator

You have already done two things right – you have chosen the right company and your language combination is also excellent. Unfortunately, there is a catch, as we are not currently recruiting for this language combination. However, please feel free to reapply in around three months from now!

Download text To the application form 
English proofreader

English proofreader

If there is only one thing you like better than reading, and that is proofreading, it is about time that we got to know each other. And since we don’t know where you live, the easiest way is to fill out our forms.

Download text To the application form 
French proofreader

French proofreader

If a laissez-faire attitude to French spelling is a big ‘Non!’ for you, then we’d love to get to know you.

Download text To the application form 
Other applications

Other applications

If you are a translator or proofreader for a language that hasn’t been mentioned, then we would first of all like to apologise! And second of all we’d like to ask you to fill out the application form noting which language services (and language pairs) you provide, your qualifications and your professional experience. We’ll then get back to you ASAP with a text to be translated into your native tongue or corrected using the appropriate proofreading symbols. We look forward to your application!

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